Soccer Fundraisers

With high school just starting, high school fundraisers are on everyone’s minds right now. It is on most kids agenda at least a few times during the school year.  If your child plays sports it is definitely on the list.  Soccer teams have to raise a substantial amount of money for their team.  With some of the traveling expenses, uniforms, balls, cleats, etc. it all adds up.  Setting up beneficial soccer fundraisers that all team players can assist on is the goal.  If you need to set up a fundraisers here are a few soccer fundraising ideas to look at.  First, creating a buzz about your fundraiser is key.  People love to get involved if there are little perks involved.  Just handing over money and donating is not nearly as much fun as getting a little something in return!  I’m sure most people can agree on that.  Friends and family is always a good starting point when beginning your fundraiser.  You can practice what you are going to say with them and the majority of the time they will not turn you down.  This helps with self esteem as well!

Soccer Fundraiser 1High school photo above provided by High School fundraising company Xtraman Fundraising, located in the U.S.

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