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Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleaders have more fundraisers than any other sport.  Because cheerleaders are not seasonal and practice all year long they are constantly keeping fundraising on their minds.  Can you imagine what it would be like at your favorite sports event with out the cheerleaders?  Me either!  Cheerleaders get the crowd riled up and are in my opinion a staple at sports events.  With that being said, there is actually a lot that goes in to keeping up with a cheerleader.  With the crazy amount of uniforms they wear, traveling expenses, mats for practices, shoes, etc, the amount of money needed to keep them cheering loud is getting more and more expensive each year.  Not to mention, the amount of hours these kids are putting in for practice! Additionally, cheerleaders need a variety of cheerleading fundraisers because they cannot do the same fundraisers over and over all year around.  They have it tougher than most other sports but since not being shy comes with the territory of cheering, fundraising and selling may come a bit easier as well.

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