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Football Fundraising Ideas

Time for football season!  The beginning of the year is always exciting because of the hyped up football games.  Many weekends are planned ahead to get out and support your local football team.  With that being said, it is very important that supporters help them out with their fundraising too.  Football players actually have a lot of accountability on their backs other than touchdowns.  Because football has many aspects that goes in to playing and not getting hurt it can get pretty expensive.  Helmets, shoulder pads, proper shoes, mouth gear, practice equipment are to name just a few.  Every team player has to have their own gear as well.  Football players need great profitable football fundraisers that do not take up much practice time, or if any time at all.

e7cd7e381f80b8f60f6b3aabc32c4740Some of the best football fundraisers I have seen out there with the most profitable outcome in little time is the discount card fundraiser by Xtraman Fundraising.  This is such a good sell because almost all local businesses support their local high school football teams.  They are likely to give a little more percentage off to supporters of the football team as well.  This is actually a win win situation for both the team and local businesses.  For instance, it is likely that supporters will come in and dine at a supporting restaurant after a football game if the supporters see they are football fans as well.  Another football fundraising idea is to host a drive thru diner.  This is actually becoming really popular and gives the football team a chance to meet with their fans.  They simply have for example “tamales” and have their fans drive thru the high school parking lot to pick up some good grub and usually their supporters will donate a little more cash for being good sports.  Another great fundraising idea I have recently come across is the reverse raffle.  This is pretty clever.  Everyone gets a raffle ticket.  Each raffle ticket is full of different obnoxious prizes.  For instance, dance in front of the football crowd, sing a song in front of the crowd, shave your head, etc.  If  their raffle gets drawn, they can opt out by paying cold hard cash or do something obnoxious that the raffle says.  Love it!