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Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Hey batter batter!  In youth baseball, there are so many fundraisers out there. So, how do you choose the right one for your baseball team?  Fundraising can be fun but can also be a little inconvenient when there are not team “fundraising” players on the team.  Some team members love baseball fundraisers, while some team members just want to hand over a check of the amount they owe out of their parents wallet.  This can be very frustrating for some parents that are constantly forking out cash just for playing the sport alone.  Having a goal set and a plan for the team is crucial.  Setting up a team fundraising captain is also a good idea.  Letting the team players know the exact amount needed to be raised and a time frame is at the top of the list.  Try out a new baseball fundraising ideas each time until you find one that the team does not mind selling and actually makes great profits.  Discount cards are always a good option and an easy sell.  Today, most people love to save a few bucks here and there and can easily keep the fundraising discount cards in their purses and wallets for easy access.

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